Early Alert for Academic Support

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About Early Alert for Academic Support

Early Alert for Academic Support, or Early Alert, is an academic intervention program focused on the academic performance of a student. When an instructor observes a student meeting one of the following criteria they are strongly encouraged to submit the Early Alert form:

  • Never attended (If this is selected a reminder will pop up to please only submit if the student is still not attending after the 5th day of the quarter)
  • Missing classes/stopped logging in to Canvas
  • Missing assignments (If this is selected, a comment box will appear to request additional details. For example, is this the first missed assignment, is this one of several missing assignments, what is the significance in terms of percentage or points for the class.)
  • Low performance on testing (If this is selected, a comment box will appear to request additional details. For example, if the exam is a high stakes exam or any other helpful information.)
Instructors click this button to access the Early Alert Form

Watch a short video on How to Submit an Early Alert.

Review the Faculty Guide for Early Alert for additional information.

Bellevue College’s Early Alert for Academic Support Program, a student success initiative, proactively integrates and coordinates campus programs, support services, faculty, and staff in support of closing the equity gap.

The Early Alert for Academic Support Program strives to connect students to integral campus resources, services, and faculty that will support, encourage and empower them and their academic success at Bellevue College and beyond. The Early Alert for Academic Support Program also works to educate students as they navigate the college environment, so they develop the relationships, resilience and confidence to seek out support in the future should the need arise.  

  • Week 1: Instructors actively reach out to via Canvas and/or BC Email to students who have not attended their class. If students are still not attending AFTER the 5th day of the quarter instructors should submit an Early Alert for students.
  • Week 2-4*: Instructors submit Early Alert for students who are missing classes/stopped logging in to Canvas, students with missing assignments, and for students with low performance on testing.

*After Week 5 the Early Alert form will be turned OFF. It is recommended that instructors send an email to their students using a template created by the Early Alert Committee (please refer to the faculty resource page on this site).

Instructors may still submit an Early Alert for students in Late Start classes! Early Alerts can be submitted via the Early Alert form until the form is turned off at the end of Week 5. After that point instructors are encouraged to email Melissa Martinez, Early Alert Coordinator, directly and to provide the student ID numbers and the specific type of academic concern for that student.

Once an Early Alert form is submitted for a student, that student will receive an automated email customized with their name and the type of alert (missing classes, missing assignments, etc.). This email provides resources and information to assist the student. This automated email will go out for ALL Early Alert submissions.

Early Alerts will then be triaged based of the level of severity. All students will receive an automated email when an alert is submitted. Further personalized emails and/or phone calls will be sent out as needed based on the severity of the alert. For details regarding the Early Alert triage process please see the Early Alert Triage flow chart.

Last Updated August 19, 2022