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Mission Statement

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We support academic progress and student well-being with a priority of helping every student persist to graduation by using data-informed practices and innovative interventions that improve the retention of students who may need additional academic support and guidance.

The Student Success & Retention Office is housed within Student Affairs and is comprised of four programs focused on student support, academic success and retention.  These programs are Student Success Coaching, Early Alert, Academic Standing, and Student Re-engagement. Each program is designed with student well-being in mind! Read more about our programs by clicking on the tabs on the top navigation menu.

Peer Education is the process of learning from one’s peers. Peers are members of a shared community. At Bellevue College, it is a group of trained Bellevue College students who provide support to the Bellevue College community.

Student Success & Peer Educators (SSRPEs) work within the Student Success and Retention Office providing one-on-one academic support and coaching to the Bellevue College community through campus resource referral, sharing academic experiences, and providing mentorship. SSRPEs do outreach so you might hear directly from them or you may reach out to them because you are interested in learning how to be more successful academically.

We work with students to help them identify and get in touch with resources on campus that can help them if they are having any troubles, struggling in classes, or just need some general guidance.

Greyson Brooks, SSR Peer Educator

Any currently enrolled Bellevue College students or academically dismissed students can request to meet with a Student Success & Retention Peer Educator.

Everyone can benefit from meeting with a peer educator! We are students, too, so we understand how difficult it can be to balance school with other things like work, family obligations, and things like that. Because of that, it can be beneficial for anyone to meet and talk with a peer educator.

Greyson Brooks, SSR Peer Educator

Schedule a Student Success Coaching appointment on our Microsoft Bookings page!

Any student that meets with a peer educator can expect to be listened to in a space with no judgement. We want to have an open conversation with anyone we meet with so we can help you find the correct resources and meet your goals to the best of our ability. 

Greyson Brooks, SSR Peer Educator

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