Sukirti Ranade Picture

Sukirti Ranade

Director, eLearning & Multimedia


Sukirti Ranade has been a lead in the academic area, as an Educational Technologist, Systems Administrator and now directing the eLearning vision at Bellevue College. Holding a BA in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration in Informational Technology Systems, Sukirti has a long history of related work to build upon.

As the Director of eLearning and Multimedia, Sukirti manages the online learning management system Canvas, supports campus Instructional media events, facilitates the eLearning Committee, encourages her staff to be resilient, promotes adoption of new technologies and participation in continuous professional development. In collaboration with various departments, eLearning staff has been involved with many successful college initiative like First Year Seminar, Faculty PD, Peer to Peer Course Review and the Online Excellence Teaching Academy.

With over 20 years experience in the eLearning/distance education, encompassing learning management system (LMS) administration, instructional design, accessibility practices, systems technology support, technology lab and team management, client consultations, as well as adult teaching and training, Sukirti brings a wealth of experience to the eLearning team.

Sukirti has worked at Safeco Insurance, Microsoft, Nintendo and Bellevue College. She is an “Electronic Geek” and can spend hours browsing for new technologies – software and hardware.

Sukirti encourages her two sons, Air Force Captain Dr. Tejas Ranade who is also a Neurologist and Ishan Ranade who is a software engineer, to be persistent and encourages them to be “a life long learner”. Sukirti has volunteered at the local Redmond High School as the PTSA webmaster, Member of the Lake Washington School District PTSA Trustee board for 2 years, and a proud member of the local Indian community group: Seattle Maharashtra Mandal, where she was the President in the year 2013.