Raji Sundar Picture

Raji Sundar

Instructional Designer/Faculty Science Division


I have been an educator at Bellevue College for more than a decade. As I am eager to contribute more to the field of education, I stepped into the field of instructional design. I am confident of my abilities to design instruction with the knowledge gained from graduating with a master’s degree in Learning Design and Technology (LDT) from Purdue University, working as an eLearning consultant and as an educator at Bellevue College. During the LDT program, I have created learning modules on varied topics like The Science of COVID-19, Biology and Black History, and Extended Reality (XR) Tools for faculty. As an educator and instructional designer, I incorporate current research and pervasive topics in the curriculum to help my learners understand the importance of these topics by relating them to real-world experience. I have developed courses and curricula that address the needs of a diverse population of learners.  I enjoy brainstorming ideas with faculty and colleagues to discover new and innovative ways to deliver instruction using evolving technology tools.