Bruce Wolcott Picture

Bruce Wolcott

Instructional Designer/Faculty A&H Division


I’ve been a faculty member at Bellevue College since 1998, and have had the good fortune of teaching media theory topics that strongly interest me; History of Animation, Video game Theory, Writing for the Web, Visual Storytelling and Canvas 101. Before coming to Bellevue College I was a media production coordinator for the Pacific Science Center, and special effects designer/photographer. I’m also interested in online education, and how course content can be most effectively delivered on the Web.

Most recently, I’ve been involved with learning virtual reality in its immersive and augmented flavors. That’s a picture of me using the new Vive VR headset from Valve Software and HTC. I’m looking forward to finding out how virtual worlds can be used to enhance online learning experiences.

As a member of Bellevue College’s Interactive eLearning Center, I look forward to meeting with faculty and talking about ways we can improve online learning at the school.