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Engage with YOUR Community!

The Bellevue College Office of Student Engagement is committed to enriching student life by providing engagement and leadership opportunities that empower our students to find their passion, build community, and grow to be better world citizens who contribute to a vibrant and diverse campus culture.

Supervised by the Associate Director of Student Engagement, the Student Affinity Coordinators are student leaders who support students and student organizations in their Affinity group, manage the Student Affinity Resource Centers in C212, plan and host events on behalf of students from traditionally underserved populations, collaborate with other Affinity Coordinators, celebrate culture and heritage, raise awareness and build community, all while embodying the College’s Institutional Commitment to Inclusion.

Check out all the amazing events and activities put on by our coordinators on the College Events Calendar – just sort by “Student Engagement” to see all the cool ways you can get involved and connect with your community:

Looking to connect? Reach out to our Affinity Coordinators for ways you can connect with fellow students. Got questions or event ideas? We’d love to hear from you!

Meet our Student Affinity Coordinators:

For more information, contact Nora Lance,                       

LGBTQ Resource Center and Affinity Resource Center

The LGBTQ Resource Center (C204) is located in the Office of Student Engagement and is a safe space for students to connect, get resources and hang out! The LGBTQ+ Resource Center helps us create a safe, inclusive and affirming campus that encourages academic success and personal growth for the Bellevue College Community through education, advocacy, engagement, support, and celebration of diversity through events and activities presented by the Student Affinity Coordinator in Student Engagement. Please note the Center is not currently open, but we hope it will be open for Winter Quarter. Keep an eye on your BC email for upcoming announcements. Looking to connect now? Contact the Student Affinity Coordinator or Nora Lance.

We are in the process of creating a new Affinity Resource Center for our Student Affinity Coordinators in order to help them build and support their communities. This large, dedicated open space is adjacent to and attached to the LGBTQ+ Resource Center inside the Student Engagement office.

The Resource centers will have a new exterior entrance (C204), a front desk run by our Coordinators, workstations for each coordinator, resources, educational and cultural materials, spaces to hang out and relax connect with others, study and chill.

Stay tuned for more to come in Winter Quarter! For more information, contact Carrie M. Moore,

Last Updated October 20, 2021