relay race at camp casey

At Student Programs, leadership and ethics are key to student success! Our free programs help to build confident world citizens and our environment is a place for connecting with other students, staff, and faculty. Explore the many ways you can get engaged:

Meet others who share your interests

We have more than 80 active clubs and 60 programs on campus, so there’s sure to be something to interest you.

Enact change through leadership

Through our free global leadership program, students not only learn about leadership, but they enact it and enact social change. We offer different kinds of events to complement your schedule and learning style.

Plan an event

Your study group can schedule a meeting, or your active club can organize a fundraiser or other event. Choose from one of our many events or create one of your own.

Attend an ASG meeting

Let your voice be heard! Connect with your current student body leaders and get involved with government initiatives.