Get Involved @ BC

Get Involved @ BC Days take place in fall, winter, and spring as part of the opening of each quarter. Student organizations use this event to recruit new members and spread the word about their groups, and to promote their purpose and activities.

Get Involved @ BC Days in the C Building Cafeteria

All are welcome! We invite all students to come and engage with student organization leaders, club members, and other on campus resource representatives. Student Engagement staff are on hand to answer questions about what student organizations are active, upcoming fun events, how to start a student group of your own, or any other questions about getting involved outside the classroom.

Get Involved Video Fair (Via Flipgrid)

We host an interactive video-based organization fair on a free and secure platform called Flipgrid. This living gallery space is open all year long for student groups to post videos advertising who they are, what they offer, and how to join. Videos may be up to two minutes long and can be made using the built-in record/edit feature or by uploading a pre-made video. Academic departments and services are welcome to participate. To gain access, simply go to the BC Get Involved Flipgrid and enter using your BC credentials (click “Join with Microsoft”).

Browse the Student Organizations List Anytime

At any point of the year, students can browse the full list of student organizations.

For other involvement opportunities provided by groups and resources from across BC, check out our Involvement page.

Last Updated October 2, 2023