ART 230 Beginning Printmaking • 5 Cr.


The purpose of a printmaking course is to present students with an opportunity to further their knowledge of drawing, painting and design beyond what is offered in our beginning classes. The experience of a different media such as printmaking is desirable as it expands students' concepts of how to compose and activate a two dimensional art format as well as understanding graphic technique. Recommended: ART 120.


Recommended: ART 120. Fee: $25 for additional materials.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • See formal components of a subject and translate them accurately, with correct scale, proportion and contour.

  • Translate visual images with value only.

  • Observe and translate light and shadow on a subject using a wide range of values and color combinations.

  • Plan and determine compositional variables in a printmaking.

  • Create the illusion of advanced space in a print through the use of atmospheric perspective.

  • Observe and translate space the use of value and line.

  • Analyze and verbally articulate printmaking objectives in a formal critique/review process.

  • Create prints using the media of woodcuts, drypoint and monoprints.