ART 235 Printmaking II • 5 Cr.


Continuation of Art 245, Watercolor I. Provides students an opportunity to further their knowledge of drawing, painting and design beyond beginning watercolor. Recommended: ART 245.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • After completing this course the should be able to:
  • Progress beyond the basic techniques and processes of fine art printmaking in the areas of relief (linocut), intaglio (drypoint), monotype and collograph.
  • Apply the principles of 2-D Design and drawing techniques to create a graphic image and produce multiples of it in print media.
  • Employ advanced printmaking skills combined with visual literacy and color theory.
  • To begin to recognize and produce professional looking work.
  • Further develop a personal visual expression.
  • More fully understanding of the distinctive nature of fine art printmaking.
  • Confidently and appropriately use standard print processes and technique including use of tools, presses, inks and paper as well as prepare plates, and register print blocks for multi-color images.
  • Recognized and produce specific qualities of hand made fine art prints, e.g. overlays, transparency, offset and multiple images.
  • Use specialized vocabulary and communicate clearly about the visual experience through critique discussions.
  • Solve more complex visual and technical problems within a printmaking studio and in relation to the limitations of the media.
  • Identify artists and styles within the history of the field of fine art printmaking.