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Winter 2024 Quarterly Calendar [PDF]

Weekly & Quarterly Focus

Focus Areas for College Students [Word doc]: Use the focus areas to prioritize what’s important to you each week or each quarter. You can focus on Academics, Adminstrative details, Long-Term Goals, and / or Social Connections. Use it on your own, with a trusted person, or with a peer mentor at a Drop-In meeting.


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Spaced Learning: click on image for accessible PDF

Managing Finals Stress

This page has tons of tips and hands-on strategies!

Long Term Assignment Planning Tool

Learning and Studying Tips

Go to this page for information on using Office Hours, Spaced Learning, Library Resources, Building Structure and Habits, Test-Taking Tips, and much more!

To-Do List

Watch this 3-minute video to learn why your syllabus is so important!

Know your course modality! Do you know what they mean? Where, how, and when do your classes meet? Open the PDF to reveal the answers

Last Updated February 29, 2024