“How To” Registration Information

Drop-in Advising sessions are designed to assist you with the following types of quick questions:

  • General and what-if questions about enrollment and registration
  • Course questions
  • One-quarter plan
  • ctcLink questions
  • Registration questions
  • Transfer questions and resources
  • Student resource questions
  • Personal questions that may impact academic success

Drop-in Advising is not intended to take the place of an appointment, for example, in instances of crafting a full education plan or discussion of in-depth academic and/or personal concerns (such as an academic performance plan). If you do come to drop-in advising with circumstances that are outside of the scope of a quick interaction, we will assist you with what we can and show you how to schedule an appointment with your designated Pathway and/or New Student/Exploratory academic advisor, as well as connect/refer you to other BC resources.

Note: You must register for ALL classes by Wednesday, November 29 (11/29) to remain in Neurodiversity Navigators!

To register, see the How to Enroll tutorial. You can also talk with your peer mentor during your regular weekly meeting, attend a Peer Mentor Drop-In Meeting, or  email, text, or chat with us for help!

If you’re a DRC student with a Priority Registration accommodation, and run into any trouble when registering, please contact the DRC at drc@bellevuecollege.edu or 425.564.2498.

After you’ve completed your registration, you will need to pay for your classes by the tuition deadlines.

If payment is not received by the deadline, your classes will be dropped the next day!

See the View & Pay Tuition Tutorial to learn more about this! You can also talk with your peer mentor during your weekly meeting, attend a Peer Mentor Drop-In Meeting, or email, text, or chat with us for help!

You can view your tuition payment options here.

CEO Students: Please note that you must meet with your CEO Case Manager (or current CEO instructor if you’re in your 1st quarter of CEO) before registering so they can review your classes and remove the block from your registration. When you meet with your Case Manager, be sure to remind them you need to take the above required NdN class! Your registration will be blocked, and you will not be able to register until you meet with your CEO Case Manager (or current CEO Instructor, if you’re in your 1st year of CEO).

Running Start Students: You should have already turned in your Enrollment Verification Form to High School Programs. Your registration will be blocked until this form is received by High School Programs and you will not be able to register.

See the “Prepare to Enroll for an Upcoming Quarter” drop-down on the Running Start website for more information.

Please email High School Programs at chs@bellevuecollege.edu, if you have questions regarding this.

  1. Get support in your weekly peer mentor meeting.
  1. Attend a Drop-In Peer Mentor Meeting.
  2. Email, text, or chat us if you have any questions, or would like support with the registration process. We’re here for you!

If you’ve registered for a class that’s full, you will need to follow the waitlist instructions.


Priority Registration

  • Please contact the Disability Resource Center at drc@bellevuecollege.edu or 425.564.2498 if you are unsure about whether you have this accommodation, or if you have trouble registering on the Priority Registration date.

General Registration

Neurodiversity Navigators Course Registration Deadlines

Check the email we sent you for specific dates. In general, a month before the end of the quarter, you must register for:                                         

Doing this about a month before the end of the quarter helps us give you feedback on your course selection and plan for the next quarter(s).

Tuition Payment Deadline

Check Your Grades

You can typically check your grades on the Tuesday after the quarter ends.

  • If you did not pass a sequence classes, you may need to adjust your schedule!
    • For example, if you took MATH 097 but did not pass it, the system will drop the MATH 098 class that you registered for, so you will need to either re-take Math 097 or make another plan.

Please Note:  If you change your schedule after sending it to us initially, you must notify us as right away!

All changes must be sent to us no later than one week prior to the start of the next quarter, preferably sooner.

If you change your schedule after that time, please notify us. We may or may not be able to accommodate your change, however, the sooner you tell us, the better the chances will be! Notifying us will help prevent us scheduling a meeting during your class time!

Last Updated May 14, 2024