New Student Orientation (NSO)

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Sign up for New Student Orientation (NSO)!

As a new student, you must attend NSO before you enroll.

We offer in-person, virtual, and online options.

NSO helps you:

  • Find a career or BC pathway based on your interests
  • Find campus support services
  • Learn how to search for classes and enroll
  • Learn how and when to pay for classes
  • Understand the rules, and processes that make BC a safe, creative, and positive learning community.

The programs listed below require their students to attend a separate NSO. Do not sign up for this NSO If you take part in one of these programs. Contact the program for information:

Choose the NSO Option that Works for You

On-Campus or Live Stream

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Best Option! Advisors attend our on-campus and live-stream NSO presentations
Sign-Up for an On-Campus or Live-Stream Presentation
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Online – Go At Your Own Pace

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Good option for students with scheduling challenges. Advisors do not attend the online option. Students must make a separate appointment with an advisor if needed.
Sign Up for an Online NSO Presentation

Last Updated June 29, 2022