New Student Orientation (NSO) and New Student Enrollment (NSE)

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New Student Orientation (NSO) and New Student Enrollment (NSE) is required for all new to Bellevue College, degree and certificate seeking students.

NSO and NSE is a two-step process: NSO is a self-paced course on Canvas that takes about 45 to 60 minutes. NSE is a live, in-person or virtual session with our Peer Educators and an Advisor. A NSE session last 90 minutes.

NSO helps you:

  • Find a career or BC pathway based on your interests
  • Find campus support services
  • Learn how and when to pay for classes
  • Understand the rules, and processes that make BC a safe, creative, and positive learning community.

NSE helps you:

  • Find your program of study and degree requirements
  • Learn how to search and enroll in classes
  • Learn about expectations and college terms you will hear
  • Understand college processes and how to be successful

The programs listed below require their students to attend a separate NSO. Please do not sign up for this NSO and NSE if you take part in one of these programs. Contact the program for information:

Sign up for New Student Orientation!

As a new student, you must do our NSO and then attend a NSE session before you enroll in classes. It is a two-step process and is required for new degree and certificate seeking students.

If you have any questions – please let us know and email us at

Last Updated June 18, 2024