Pillar Update: Finance Vol. 1 – August 2, 2021

Today’s Finance Pillar Update focuses on purchasing. Before the ctcLink “go-live” date (November
8), purchasing functions will be paused as Bellevue College moves from the old system to the new
one. This purchasing freeze will help ensure that the Finance Module of the new system is
successfully implemented.

It’s important to note that all purchasing processes will be paused except in emergency
circumstances (i.e. life, safety, property damage, and/or material loss). Make sure you plan ahead
to avoid service disruptions.

Please read on for important details on how purchasing functions will be


IMPACT PERIOD: Sept. 23 – Nov. 1

Last day to reconcile and approve in Certify or submit paper P-card logs to Finance for P-card
purchases made through Sept. 23 will be Oct. 5.

P-Card transactions will not be allowed during the impact period. Departments should anticipate
needs through the end of November. Stocking additional inventory prior to the shutoff date in
September should be considered.

P-cards will be available for use again on November 2.

The process of reconciling purchases will change as BC discontinues use of the Certify application
and the use of hard copy statements.

Reconciliation of P-cards made after the impact period will be processed through ctcLink once the
system launches in November. Training will be provided in late November to coincide with the
initial ctcLink reconciliation

Requisitions and Confirming Orders

IMPACT PERIOD: Sept. 24 – Nov. 8

Last day to enter Requisitions in eRequester: Sept. 23.

Last day to approve Requisitions in eRequester: Oct. 1.

Requisitions cannot be processed or paid during the impact period.

Department staff will be required to re-enter all outstanding orders
into ctcLink after the Nov. 8 “go-live” date. Pre-planning is recommended
in order to avoid late payments and/or duplicate work.

A19 Documents

IMPACT PERIOD: Oct. 22 – Nov. 8
Last Day to approve A19s in the My A19 app: Oct 18.

Essential purchases that cannot be delayed must be submitted and approved in the My A19 app by
October 18. This will provide Finance with the opportunity to review and process documents for

Anything submitted for processing from Oct. 19 – Nov. 8 will be returned or held, and departments
will need to re-submit the purchase
request through ctcLink.

Solicitations, Contracts, and Receiving

IMPACT PERIOD: N/A except for payments

Though Administrative Services will continue to provide these services, payment delays will occur
as BC implements the ctcLink Finance module. Turnaround times may be longer than usual as the
College navigates the new environment.

Departments are encouraged to plan and provide notice to internal and external stakeholders about
payment delays and extended processing

Emergency Purchases

An emergency purchase is defined as an event that represents a set of
unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the College. Specifically:

  1. Presents a real, immediate, and extreme threat to the proper performance of essential functions; or
  2. May reasonably be expected to result in material loss or damage to property, bodily injury, or loss of life if immediate action is not taken.

Other Key Dates

Last Day to Pay Airfare: Sept 23. Last Day to Submit Approved Travel Expense: Oct. 18.
Last Day to Request Rev/Exp Transfer: Oct. 18.

The Takeaway

Departments are encouraged to plan and anticipate needs well in advance
of the cutoff dates. This will help ensure a smooth transition to ctcLink.


There are several Canvas courses on the new purchasing process. To start, check out PU100
Purchasing: Requisitions and PU103 Purchasing: P-Cards.
You can register on the SBCTC training page.

Training will be updated throughout the Summer and Fall Quarters.


If you have any questions, please email purchase@bellevuecollege.edu.

Last Updated October 14, 2021