BC Mission and our Mission

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Bellevue College is a comprehensive and innovative college that advances the life-long educational development of its students….

We place students at the center of all we do, and support and promote the excellence of their efforts. We are guided both by student needs, interests, and abilities, and by the desire to strengthen the economic, social, and cultural life of our diverse community.

The college accomplishes its purpose by providing high-quality, flexible educational programs and services that are accessible academically, geographically, and financially.

We consider it our duty to anticipate changing demands in education and welcome the opportunity to shape its future.

Committed to teaching and learning excellence and to employee growth and development, the college nurtures a supportive environment throughout its programs and services.

We affirm and embody pluralism, we value collaboration and shared decision making, and we honor creativity and innovation. We acknowledge our responsibility to society and embrace the belief that inclusive access to excellent higher education is the cornerstone of a democratic society.

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Last Updated September 8, 2014