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Marketing Services: Enrollment Management Marketing, Creative Services, Logo & Photo Resources

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With a combined 60 years of marketing experience, our team is responsible for stewarding the Bellevue College brand and driving the college’s marketing strategy.  We build and execute marketing programs and campaigns designed to increase awareness, support enrollment, and drive community engagement with Bellevue College. Our award-winning creative services team can help you cost effectively achieve your goals. Whether you need to promote a new program, under-enrolled classes, or upcoming event, we can provide you with solid recommendations to maximize your exposure opportunities.

Marketing Support

Our focus in this area is around bringing prospective students to Bellevue College. We work collaboratively with many groups across the campus to build successful targeted data-driven campaigns to support enrollment – both overall and for specific programs. We also build strategic partnership with organizations whose mission aligns with ours. Outreach is a key element of our enrollment management marketing team, under-enrolled classes, or upcoming event, we can provide you with solid recommendations.

Creative Services

Our Creative Services team can help you to promote awareness of your course, program, department or event through effective use of the BC brand in all of your communications. Our team of experienced, award-winning, creative staff work directly with you to develop a marketing strategy. We then write, design and produce print and digital collateral to support that strategy.

Thumbnail of the Creative Brief From

If you are in need of our services, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download and complete the creative brief. This form will help you identify your needs and allow us to create the best plan for your exposure opportunities. This will allow the team to understand your objectives and suggest the best approach.
  2. Email completed creative brief to Please allow up to two weeks for a recommendation.
  3. Once you receive the recommendation, provide your approval and department leader’s approval in order to proceed. Be available for ongoing reviews.
  4. Review results to ensure that program met desired goals.

Graphics Portfolio

For examples of previous marketing campaigns and print collateral, please view our Graphics Portfolio produced in-house by our Creative Services team

Logo & Photo Resources

Bellevue College Logos

A variety of file formats for the BC logo are listed in the BC Style Guide. Be sure to follow the logo usage guidelines found in the BC Style Guide. Not a BC employee or not sure what file format you need? Email questions to

Campus Photos

Need a high resolution photo of the BC Campus? Email to request access to a library of campus photos available on the BC OneDrive. Taking your own photos? See the BC Style Guide for more information about photography guidelines.


Last Updated November 21, 2017