Elements of Our Visual Identity

Consistent use of the Bellevue College name, seal, logo, and color palette promotes BC as an identifiable and distinguished brand. Help build and maintain a strong brand by following these guidelines in any and all BC visual representations.

A view of BC's campus on a sunny day.

College Name

The official name of the institution is Bellevue College. On first reference, it should always be spelled out. On second reference, after the full name of the college has been used, you may use BC.


Bellevue College (BC) has been a distinguished institution of higher learning since 1966. BC continues to serve the educational needs of the community with innovative programs.

College Seal

The official college seal as shown is reserved for formal use on official documents such as diplomas, transcripts, and other materials related to graduation per WAC 132H-106-050. The seal should NOT be used on general documents such as advertisements, presentations, posters, promotional items, or as a decorative element.

Official Bellevue College seal

Alternate Seal and Badge

An alternate Bellevue College seal and Bulldog badge have been created for common use.

These options are appropriate to use on general documents such as advertisements, presentations, posters, promotional items, or as decorative elements.

Download the alternate Bellevue College seal and Bulldog badge via Sharepoint.

College Logo

The logo plays a vital role in the visual identity of Bellevue College. The BC logo should never be redrawn, modified, or altered.

Color Palette

BC color palette

Consistent use of color is an important component of the Bellevue College visual identity.

The BC primary color palette consists of blue and silver and should be the only colors used to reproduce the logo. If printing in a single PMS color, the one color (black & white) version of the logo is preferred.

The secondary color palette celebrates the beautiful landscape and sustainable features of the BC campus. The palette consists of red, green, orange, gold, cyan, and dark blue. These colors can be used for subheads, backgrounds, and other design elements. Use only one or two secondary colors within a single document.

Sub-Brand Signatures

Sub-brand signatures are for individual departments, divisions, and programs, and are available by request. These are recommended for specific collateral materials (i.e., program sheets, brochures, etc.) that require a strong individual presence but are still identified as being part of the Bellevue College system.

If you have a specific need that the option shown here does not fit, please contact creativeservices@bellevuecollege.edu.

We will work with you to provide a solution that suits your unique needs.

We Are Bulldogs

The Bellevue College mascot is a bulldog named Brutus. The Brutus icon has multiple approved variations to offer some flexibility of use. Approved versions of the Brutus icon include:

samples of Brutus logo
  • Fierce Brutus full body, Fierce Brutus head, and Friendly Brutus head
  • Positive and reverse versions for use over both light and dark backgrounds
  • Full color and 1-color
  • The icon with the Athletic-styled BC is for Athletics use only

Guidelines for use of the Brutus icon

  • The Brutus icon should always be used with a BC logo or the name Bellevue College
  • The icon should not be placed over any typographic, graphic, or photographic background
  • No type element is to be placed over the icon
  • The icon with the Athletic-styled BC is for Athletics use only
BC Athletics Brutus logo

For use of the Brutus icon, please contact creativeservices@bellevuecollege.edu.