The Bellevue College Brand

At its core, our brand is our promise. As a definition, it is as simple and profound as that. Our brand is not only who we say we are – but also who others say we are and the way we serve our community. If these are in alignment then congratulations are in order – we have a strong, authentic brand. Our brand is a living entity that is affected by everything we say and do on behalf of Bellevue College.

A view of BC's campus on a sunny day.

Why It Matters

Clear and consistent messaging as well as consistent use of our visual identity affects how people think and feel about Bellevue College. Maintaining these standards helps to ensure perceived institutional integrity. This consistency increases our ability to recruit top students, faculty and staff, supports our fundraising efforts, and helps to foster relationships with our community partners.

Communications Framework

When you are creating content, consider these questions:

• Is it welcoming?
• Is it accessible to people with disabilities?

Microsoft Word and Outlook have accessibility checkers.

• Is it supportive—using language that guides people to what they want to know or where they want to go?
• Is it plain language to improve reading comprehension for people whose first language is not English?
• Does it demonstrate our Affirmation of Inclusion?

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the organizational structure of a portfolio of brands, sub-brands, products, and/or services. It defines both the breadth and depth of a brand.

Effective brand architecture helps provide clarity around the organization of offerings and services. It is ultimately about managing perception. Brand architecture can positively influence perception by maximizing and leveraging brand equity between brand and sub-brands. Externally, it helps the public and stakeholders make sense of a multifaceted organization. Internally, it can serve as a valuable tool for optimizing marketing efficiency and performance.

Branded House

Bellevue College has chosen the branded house organizational structure. The branded house approach capitalizes on established brand equity for all groups within the organization.

Benefits include more efficient marketing and advertising efforts and a better return on investment. Instead of a portfolio of divisions or departments that look and sound different, you’re able to leverage connections through a consistent visual and verbal identity. That consistency provides clarity and helps to build strong brand equity and subsequently strengthens our position as a college of choice.


The branded house approach includes The Brand, Sub-brands, and Brand Extensions.

graphic showing different levels of BC branding