Summer Safety Tips

Here are 7 Summer Safety Tips to Help Kids

The young children look forward to summer and often seek out summertime activities outdoors.  In fact, summer offers endless opportunities to embrace outdoor activities with our friends and family.  But,  it’s important to ensure that children stay safe while they are having fun in the sun.

Here are 7 suggestions to help keep your little ones safe this summer.

  1. Continue to Practice Hand Hygiene
  2. Stay Hydrated, and Watch for Signs of Heat Exhaustion
  3. Avoid Burn Hazards, Like Grills, Fireworks and Firepits.
  4. Use Protective Clothing and Apply Sunscreen
  5. Ensure Children Wear a Helmet While on Wheels
  6. Beware of Bugs During the Summer 
  7. Encourage Water Safety with Children (and Designate an Adult to be a Water-Watcher)

Last Updated June 11, 2024