Services and Resources

TRiO participants are twice as likely to graduate from college as their peers and have an average GPA of 3.0 or higher. Many of the current participants utilize the following resources to enhance their educational experience to ensure their academic and personal success.

Computer Lab

Located in B234E, the TRiO Computer Lab is a quiet study center for TRiO participants to use computers, receive tutoring, complete homework and other assignments.

Equipment Lending Program

The TRiO Equipment Lending Program allows TRiO participants to borrow the following equipment for home use.

Math Review for Finals

Research says that excellent students study two hours for every hour spent in the classroom; this means that a full-time student should study for roughly thirty hours per week.

Group Visits Through TRiO@BC

Each year, TRiO Student Support Services coordinates events for several groups of high school TRiO students who visit the Bellevue College campus.

Personal Advising

TRiO recognizes that there is more to being a successful student than focusing on academic performance.


Applying for scholarships can be a daunting task. However, you can make this task less challenging by organizing your efforts.

Study Skills

Our Study Skills Resource listing provides a variety of resources to assist you with learning basic study skills.

Tutoring for TRiO Participants

Individual and group tutorial services are available in primarily math and English. However, many of our tutors are also able to tutor other academic subjects.

Useful Links

On-Line Study Skills Assistance, Class/Subject Specific On-Line Assistance, ESL Resources, and Personal Assistance and Resources

Visiting Universities & Transfer Shock

Each quarter, TRiO visits one of the many state and/or private universities in our area so that participants can speak with advisors, learn about campus cultures, visit classrooms, and build bonds with other participants who may attend their university of interests.