TRiO Sponsored Credit Courses and Workshops

As a TRiO participant, you are required to participate in one TRiO-sponsored activity each quarter. Activities you can use to fulfill this requirement are the following credit courses and workshops. All workshops and credit courses are hosted in the TRiO offices (B233) unless otherwise noted. If you find a workshop or course of interest, feel free to come to it at the listed time.


Preparing to Transfer, University Pre-Visit Meeting, Transfer Shock

The first portion of this workshop will cover searching for schools, preparing for campus visits, questions to ask college officials, understanding transfer deadlines, writing a successful personal statement, applying for schools and financial aid.

The second portion will cover what to expect when you transfer to a 4 year college or university. Topics include, but are not limited to: the differences between a community college and university, adjusting to a larger academic environment, resources and more.

Transfer Visits

Regardless if you are just beginning your college career or if you are a quarter away from graduation, visiting your perspective college campuses is very important.

Credit Courses TRiO

HD 100 First Year Experience for TRiO Students (1 credit)

In the TRiO First Year Experience class, you learn about the college academic and social culture, explore its possibilities and learn the essential skills to be a successful college student. Topics include planning your schedule, career planning, choosing a major, educational planning and a campus tour. In addition, you meet faculty, staff, and other new students to BC – just like you!

HD 120 Learning Strategies for Student Success (2 credits)

The purpose of this course is to ensure your success in college by helping you develop and implement effective learning skills and strategies. You will learn how to: manage time more efficiently; read textbooks with improved retention; take effective notes; prepare for and take tests; improve ability to recall information; prioritize and set goals; develop study guides; and overcome procrastination.

HD 125 Motivation and Empowerment (2 credits)

Students identify and analyze unique sources of motivation to improve attainment of goals in academic and personal realms of life. Students critically examine their strengths, values, and goals. Students develop tools for taking personal responsibility, and accessing intrinsic sources of motivation to reach their highest potential in school and life.

Last Updated July 6, 2017