Applying for scholarships can be a daunting task. However, you can make this task less challenging by organizing your efforts. Conducting an organized search will improve your chances of finding the money needed to complete your educational goals. All you need to do is search and apply. The following information will help you with the scholarship search and application process.

Researching and Applying for Scholarships and Financial Aid

The booklet, PowerPoint and websites listed below can be helpful when looking for scholarships to assist you in paying for your education.

Scholarship Search Websites

The following websites list hundreds of potential scholarships available to college students.

Writing Personal Statements

Most scholarship applications require you to write a personal statement about your educational and career goals. Writing a successful personal statement requires providing information about yourself in a clear and concise manner.

You may also be requested to state how you meet the requirements of the scholarship. Resources to help you write your personal statement are listed below.

Requesting Letters of Recommendations

Letters of recommendation are usually required for scholarship applications. To get the best possible letter of recommendation, it’s important to select the right person to write your letter.

Ideally, this person should be someone with the proper credentials who has a good grasp of your abilities. You may need to provide this person with a letter about your education and background to help them write your recommendation.

The links below can help you with this process as well as provide tips for requesting letters of recommendation.

Organizing Your Scholarship Search

The following documents will help you to organize your scholarship search and keep track of information to include in your scholarship applications.

For additional assistance please see your TRiO Advisor.

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Last Updated August 24, 2018