Personal Advising

TRiO recognizes that there is more to being a successful student than focusing on academic performance. Because of this, TRiO Student Support Services offers personal advising to help in coping with the stress of everyday life.

There are also various other campus and community resources that can assist you as well:

  • The Bellevue College Counseling Center (
  • Go Ask Alice – From Columbia University, Questions and answers by college students on a wide variety of mental health and health related concerns such as relationships, sexual concerns, emotional concerns, alcohol, and other drug related concerns.
  • Mental Health Medications – Information on prescription mental health medications.
  • Crisis Clinic – If you have a crisis and cannot reach the Counseling Center, call the 24 hour Crisis Clinic Hotline at (206) 461-3222 or 1-800-244-5767. You may also go to the Crisis Clinic website.

Last Updated July 7, 2017