Academic Advising

As a TRIO Student, academic advising is available. You can obtain assistance in:

  • Priority Registration:
    • . As a TRIO student, you receive early registration.
  • Class Selection: 
    • Select the classes that match your degree pathway.
  • Educational Planning: 
    • Create a detailed plan that charts your educational progress.
  • Transferring to University:
    • Decide on your prospective university
    • Meet the requirements for admissions
    • Complete the university application.
  • Mid-term Grade Checks: 
    • Gain detailed information on your classroom performance in the middle of the quarter so we can create effective learning strategies.
  • Classroom Advocacy: 
    • Learn how to communicate your academic needs to your instructor effectively.
  • Career Clarification: 
    • Decide on a career and the steps you need to pursue it.

To make an appointment with your TRIO Advisor, contact the TRIO front desk at 425-564-5745 or click the button below.

Schedule an ONLINE Advising Appointment.

Schedule an IN-PERSON Advising Appointment.

Last Updated June 2, 2022