Certification Steps

In order to use your VA education benefits, there are a few simple steps that you must follow each and every quarter. The earlier you begin these steps, the easier the process should be, so don’t wait to get started until the last minute.



Step #1 – Select Your Classes


Veterans and dependents at Bellevue College are eligible for priority registration, which normally begins 3 days before other students. Be sure to take advantage of this benefit to avoid having the classes you need fill up!

Check Your Registration Date

How To Clear Prerequisites

  1. Find your classes – Quarterly schedules are usually posted a few weeks before registration opens. Find the classes you need and write down the Item # for each class.
  2. Register for your classes – After logging in to the online registration screen, enter the 5-digit class numbers of each of your classes and click “Submit Add/Drop”.
  3. Check your classes – All of your classes must be required under your degree or certificate program in order for the VA to consider them for payment. This can include prerequisites to required classes.



Step #2 – Submit Quarterly Certification


Once you’ve registered for your classes, and checked that they are required for your degree, you then need to notify the Veterans Services Office of your registration. Your schedule will then be reviewed and, if everything looks okay, your enrollment information will be sent to the VA. If there is any change in your program, you may submit a Program Change Request, along with the Quarterly Certification.

Veterans Only: You may also request gym access for $13.50 each quarter.


  • Enrollment Certification Request – Required each and every quarter if you would like to use your VA education benefits.
  • Program Change Request (If Needed) – Only submit this form if you need to update your program of study with the VA or add a secondary program.
  • Gym Access (Veterans Only) – If you would like access to the gym during the quarter, submit this form.



Step #3 – Check Your BC Email


It’s extremely important that you remember to check your BC email after submitting your quarterly certification. If there are any questions concerning your enrollment, your BC email will be the official method used to notify you of those questions. It’s also important to remember that your BC email is not the same as your Canvas Inbox, and messages are not synced between the two.



Last Updated February 9, 2022