Basic Food Employment & Training (BFET)

If you receive federal Basic Food benefits, the BFET program may help you gain in-demand skills, earn a credential, and find employment.

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  • Potential funding for school-related expenses, including:
    • tuition
    • course fees
    • required textbooks
    • transportation
  • Education planning to help you efficiently complete your program of study
  • Advising to address barriers to academic or personal success
  • Help navigating college processes and services
  • Referrals to college and community resources
  • Verification of school schedule for students receiving the Working Connections Child Care subsidy

You may qualify for the BFET program if:

  • You are interested in an approved degree or certificate program.
  • You are committed to finding employment after the completion of your training program. BFET students must have an employment goal.
  • You have lived in Washington state for the past 12 months and/or qualify for resident tuition rates.  (Nonresident students may still qualify for partial tuition funding and other services.)
  • You are not receiving TANF cash assistance from DSHS.  (Students receiving TANF may qualify for the WorkFirst program instead.)
  • You are receiving federal Basic Food assistance (food stamps) from DSHS. If you meet the income guidelines below but are not receiving food assistance, you can apply online at

Income Guidelines (2022)

Household/Family SizeMonthly Gross Household IncomeAnnual Gross Household Income
For each additional family member, add $787 monthly or $9,440 annually.

To find out if you qualify for Basic Food assistance, you can apply online at

If you’ve previously applied and been denied due to being a college student and not meeting the work requirement, please contact Workforce Education at 425-564-4054. BFET may be able to provide a referral to DSHS to help you qualify for Basic Food.

How do I get more information?

Attend a Workforce Education Information Session. You can register for a Zoom info session, held Tuesdays at 2:30pm, or download the info session PowerPoint to review on your own time.

Last Updated June 16, 2022