Apply to Workforce Education

Status of Funding Programs:

Summer 2024: Accepting applications from students already enrolled in classes. Summer quarter began July 1.

We cannot guarantee applications received now will be processed for a summer quarter start, even for qualifying students. Interested students are encouraged to apply, however your application may be deferred to fall quarter.

Fall 2024: Accepting applications. Fall quarter begins Sept. 23.

Step 1: Review ways to qualify

Workforce Education provides services to low-income or unemployed people to help them achieve their academic and career goals. We provide funding for tuition, fees, and potentially other costs like books and transportation for eligible students in approved programs of study.

To see if you might qualify, review our Do I Qualify for Workforce Education? [PDF] flyer, take a survey at, or learn about a specific program’s eligibility guidelines at the links below:

Step 2: Learn about our services

Watch the 20 minute video below of our recorded information session. Please do not skip this, as it covers important information and answers frequently asked questions. 

After watching the video, if you still have questions, contact us using any of these options:

Live Zoom drop-in session, held on Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Join Zoom Meeting

In-Person: Workforce Education office, room U-212
Phone: (425) 564-4054

Step 3: Submit an application

Fill out the Workforce Education Intake/Eligibility Form [PDF].

  • Option #1 (recommended): Complete and sign electronically. Download the form and save to your computer, then open the file in Adobe Acrobat. If you need help filling and signing the form, check out this tip sheet [PDF] or video tutorial.
  • Option #2: Print the form and complete by hand, then scan or take clear photos.

Submit the form. Attach your completed file(s) to an email and send to, or use our Upload Documents page. If sending scans or photos, make sure all pages of the form are included.

Note: The last page of the form must have your signature, whether ink or electronic. Forms missing the applicant’s signature will not be reviewed. If you have any problems signing or submitting the form, contact us for help at or 425-564-4054.

You can expect a response from Workforce Education about your submitted form within three business days.

Step 4: Meet with an advisor

If we determine that you qualify, we will contact you to schedule an intake appointment with a Workforce Education advisor. Intake appointments may be in-person or virtual (Zoom or Microsoft Teams).

Read about how to prepare for the appointment. Depending on your funding program, supporting documentation may be required to confirm your eligibility.

If you don’t qualify or we need more information to determine your status, we will contact you to follow up.

Last Updated July 10, 2024