Frequently Asked Questions

What degree or certificate program can I train in?

Each Workforce Education program has a list of approved degrees and certificates. We have advisors available to meet with you one-on-one to help you decide which program of study would work best for you.

How do I know if I qualify?

Look at our Do I Qualify for Workforce Education? [PDF] flyer, take a survey at, or watch our information session video. If you think you qualify, please apply! After we receive your application, we will review your eligibility and follow up with you.

I want to talk to someone before applying. How do I reach a live person?

We’re happy to talk to you and answer any questions you have. Here are options for reaching a live person during office hours:

  • Call our office at 425-564-4054
  • Visit us on-campus in room U-212

I think I qualify under more than one program. How will I know who to contact?

If we determine that you qualify for one or more of our programs, we will assign you a Workforce Education advisor. They will be your main contact. You are also always welcome to contact our office at 425-564-4054 or

How much can you fund?

Each Workforce Education program has its own funding guidelines. During your intake appointment, your advisor will review the guidelines for the specific program(s) for which you qualify.

Last Updated February 2, 2024