Meet the Team

Tamara Boynton Howard Picture

Tamara Boynton Howard

Health & Wellness, BAS Program Chair


Tamara Boynton Howard, MPH is a health educator with a focus on goal setting, building relationships and comprehensive plus sex education. Her goal is to make healthy relationships the norm. Her education background includes a BA in psychology and MPH in community health education. She has taught in the community and public schools for over …more about Tamara Boynton Howard

Amy Swanson Picture

Amy Swanson

Health & Physical Education Program Chair and Full-Time Faculty


Professor Amy Swanson, MPH, is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University with a BS in Exercise Science and Wellness. She is a full-time, Associate Professor at Bellevue College.  Post-undergrad she spent 7 years managing onsite health and wellness programs for various Seattle area corporations. This included creating health promotion programs that addressed heart health education, …more about Amy Swanson

Andrew Buenbrazo Picture

Andrew Buenbrazo

Health & Wellness Program Manager


Andrew has worked with the Bellevue College Health Sciences, Education & Wellness Institute for the past few years. He previously held the role of Division Administrative Lead and Office Coordinator for the division. He is a Bellevue College and University of Washington alumnus and holds a BA in business administration with a concentration in accounting …more about Andrew Buenbrazo

Hadise Khaniyan Picture

Hadise Khaniyan

Health & Physical Education Full-Time Faculty


Dr. Hadise Khaniyan is currently a full-time, Assistant Professor at Bellevue College. She has an undergraduate degree in Nursing and a master’s degree in Community Health Nursing. She received her Ph.D. in Exercise and Health Sciences with an emphasis on health promotion and behavior change from University of Massachusetts Boston.   She has been working …more about Hadise Khaniyan

Mark Yoshino Picture

Mark Yoshino

Health & Physical Education Full-Time Faculty


Mark Yoshino is one of the longest-tenured employees at Bellevue College as he has been part of the institution for nearly 30 years. In his first year at BC in 1994, Yoshino started off as a fitness center employee for Dr. Marcella Woods, who initiated the PE 110-111-112 courses that still exist today. Mark  directed …more about Mark Yoshino

Ray Butler Picture

Ray Butler

Health & Physical Education Faculty Member


Ray served 20 years in St Louis secondary education, the eight final years as High School Principal before coming to Bellevue College in 2000. He also have coached High School and Intercollegiate Soccer for 35 years. He served as BC professor, Women’s Soccer Coach, HPE Chair, HPM Chair, Interim Dean of HSEWI, Assistant Dean of …more about Ray Butler

Gail McFarland Picture

Gail McFarland

Health & Wellness, BAS Full-Time Faculty


I am a Washington State native and long-time Nuclear Medicine technologist. I started my education at the University of Washington and received a BS degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. While in college, I worked summers and part time as a CNA and discovered my love for patients and for the health of the people …more about Gail McFarland

Laurell Kaiser Picture

Laurell Kaiser

Health & Wellness, BAS Faculty Member


Laurell Kaiser joins Bellevue College to teach Worksite Wellness Management. Laurell has over 10 years of experience in the development and delivery of wellness programs that educate, engage, and activate health. She has worked with employee populations in a variety of industries including a well-known coffee corporation, aerospace manufacturing, and city governments. Laurell holds a Master of Public …more about Laurell Kaiser

Tony Vo Picture

Tony Vo

Health & Wellness, BAS Faculty Member


Tony currently instructs in the Health & Wellness, BAS program and teaches community health service-learning, practicum prep, and practicum in health promotion. He was also formerly the Program Manager for Health & Wellness and was previously the academic advisor for Health Sciences students. Prior to his work at Bellevue College he was the White Center …more about Tony Vo

Stella Orechia Picture

Stella Orechia

Health & Physical Education Faculty Member


Professor Stella Orechia has been teaching health and fitness courses at Bellevue College for over 20 years. She has a Master’s degree from San Francisco State University in Physical Education (focus in Sport Psychology). Stella is also a certified instructor for the American Heart Association and American Red Cross. She provides workplace safety training for …more about Stella Orechia

Jan Ng Picture

Jan Ng

Health & Physical Education Faculty Member


Jan has been at Bellevue College since 1998 and has worked in the HSEWI Division and currently, in the Science Division. She has taught PE 118, Volleyball, since 2014.  She is an avid bicyclist, recreational volleyball player and fierce pickleball opponent. Year-round she volunteers for Puget Sound arts and environmental programs. Find Jan most days …more about Jan Ng

Michelle McRae Picture

Michelle McRae

Health & Physical Education Faculty Member


Michelle McRae is a Lead Fitness Technician and an Adjunct PE Faculty member for the Fitness Center at Bellevue College. After completing BC’s Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate program and becoming a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, she enjoyed the program and people of Bellevue College so much she stayed on as staff and an instructor for …more about Michelle McRae

Zach Snyder Picture

Zach Snyder

Health & Wellness, BAS Faculty Member


Zach Snyder is Director of Government Affairs for Regence BlueShield. In this capacity, he leads legislative advocacy efforts for Regence by working closely with lawmakers to shape health policy at the state capitol in Olympia, Washington. Prior to working for Regence, Zach held a variety of policy and political roles that include, leading health policy campaigns for …more about Zach Snyder

Gladys Rowe Picture

Gladys Rowe

Health & Wellness, BAS Faculty Member


I am Muskego Inniniw (Swampy Cree) of mixed ancestry with membership in Fox Lake Cree Nation. This is in Northern Manitoba, in Canada, near the Nelson River and not far from the mouth of the Hudson Bay. I have lived most of my life in cities across Canada. We moved to the United States in 2016 …more about Gladys Rowe

Rachel Lowe Picture

Rachel Lowe

Health and Physical Education Faculty Member


Rachel joined Bellevue College in 2005. She has taught in the fitness industry since 1993 and specializing in Yoga since 2001.  She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and lead yoga teacher for the Yoga Instructor Certification Program. She also has a Masters of Public Administration.

…more about Rachel Lowe

Peter Prescott Picture

Peter Prescott

Health and Physical Education Faculty, Fitness Center Director, Wellness Center Director


Peter Prescott teaches in the Health and Physical Education, Outdoor Recreation Leadership, Health and Wellness BAS and Allied Health programs and has been at Bellevue College for over 20 years.  He is the primary guide for all Outdoor Recreation Leadership Adventures and seemingly countless Wellness Center adventures. Peter received his undergraduate degree from the University …more about Peter Prescott

Health & Wellness Advisory Committee

Andres Calderon, South Bellevue Community Center

Matt Denton, Vertical World

Sue Dowling, Columbia Athletics Clubs

Peri Gilani, Bellevue College Yoga Cohort 2017

Monette MacPherson, Yoga Instructor

Roberta McFarland, Highline School District

Taraneh Moll, UW School of Public Health

Christine Pydych, Pilates Instructor

Ad Hoc Members

Amy Swanson, Program Chair, Health & Physical Education, Bellevue College

Ray Butler, Faculty, Health & Physical Education

Leslie Heizer-Newquist, Dean, Health Sciences, Education, Wellness Institute

Rachel Lowe, Faculty, Health & Physical Education, Bellevue College

Stella Orechia, Faculty, Health & Physical Education, Bellevue College

Peter Prescott, Faculty, Fitness & Wellness Center Director, Bellevue College

Andrew Buenbrazo, Program Manager, Health & Wellness, Bellevue College

Mark Yoshino, Faculty, Health & Physical Education, Bellevue College

Last Updated June 2, 2022