Moving Neurodiversity Navigators Online

We’ve learned a lot since moving online in March, and have moved Neurodiversity Navigators completely online to better support students while your classes are also online.

We’re with you while you’re away!

Here’s what we’re doing, all virtually:

  1. Cohort classes, with breakout rooms for group projects, discussions, and more.
  2. Weekly Scheduled Peer Mentor meetings – individually or in small groups.
  3. Drop-In Chat and Peer Mentor Support. (for all Neurodivergent students at BC!)
  4. Homework Crews for working on projects and assignments in groups
  5. Text messaging reminders, and answering questions, too!
  6. Quarterly Parent and Support Person Meetings
  7. Email our Program Assistant, Nav. A. Gator, any time with questions:
small stuffed alligator
Email Nav. A. Gator at

And, the rest of the college is here for you as well! You can access everything else online too.

Follow the links below to find:

Academic Success Center (Tutoring, Math, Writing, and more)

Academic Advising

Center for Career Connections

Counseling Center

Disability Resource Center

LGBTQ Resource Center

Multicultural Services

Other online services – grades, registration, financial aid, and more

Last Updated May 10, 2021