Services for Students

Image of Colin Donovan in his officeThe Disability Resource Center provides accommodations and services for students attending Bellevue College. Each individual’s situation is different and this website is intended as a guide to resources. For further information and to make arrangements for services, please read Getting Started at the DRC.  Every individual situation is unique; regardless of what medical documentation you may or may not have, please come by our office to have a discussion about how we may be able to support your academic goals!

Services the DRC Provides

  • Initial Access Appointment
  • Assessment of disability accommodation needs, using the information gathered from your documentation and access interview
  • Approval and Coordination of Accommodations
  • Communication with college staff, faculty, and community agencies on behalf of DRC students
  • Facilitation of referrals for support services on and off campus
  • Assistance with problem-solving concerning educational barriers you may be facing
  • Advocacy for medical withdrawal or a grade of “incomplete” if you are absent or unable to complete class work because of disability issues

Services the DRC does not Provide

  • Personal-care attendants
  • Equipment and software for off-campus use
  • Learning Disability Testing or Assessment
  • Transportation
  • Tutoring services
  • Financial assistance
  • Escorts to and from class
  • Modified Coursework


The DRC provides accommodations and services tailored to the individual need(s) of each student. When appropriate, reasonable accommodations can include the following:

  • Accessible Media and Course Materials
  • Accommodation Counseling
  • Advocacy Services
  • Alternative Testing
  • Assistive Technology
  • Computer Aided Real-Time Transcription (CART)
  • Classroom Aids
  • Classroom & Building Access
  • Interpreters for the Deaf
  • Volunteer Note-Taking Services
  • Other Appropriate Services as Necessary
  • Referrals to Campus and Community Services
  • Registration Assistance
  • Scribe Services for class and/or testing
  • Verification of Eligibility

Student Responsibilities

Accommodations require shared responsibility among students, faculty, the Disability Resource Center and the institution. Student responsibilities are listed here. Faculty responsibilities are listed on the Faculty page.

Student responsibilities include:

  1. Self-identification through the Initial Access process
  2. Submitting required documentation before requesting accommodations
  3. Costs that may be associated with obtaining the required documentation for verification of disability
  4. Making reasonable and timely disclosures and requests for accommodations as well as confirming the arrangements for accommodations and/or auxiliary aids
  5. Making timely requests for accommodations each quarter
  6. Notifying the DRC of any concerns they may have regarding equal access
  7. Following the institutional appeal process

How to Request Accommodations

Once you have applied for services and had your access interview, requests for accommodations must be submitted each quarter. It is recommended that you make your request for accommodations as soon as you have registered for classes. To request accommodations:

  1. Request accommodations through the DRC’s new database, MyDRC!  For tutorials, check out the MyDRC User Guide page!
  2. Submit any additional accommodation forms (e.g. Alternative Media Request Form or Sign Language Interpreter Request Form)


Information regarding your disability is considered confidential. This information will not be released to anyone without your written permission.
Bellevue College complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) which establishes that the educational records of students attending or having attended the college are confidential and can be released only with written permission of the student.

Last Updated March 19, 2018