Getting Started with the DRC

This page gives an overview the process to get registered with the Disability Resource Center. You may apply for services at any time. However, timely application (four to six weeks before the start of the quarter) will help timely approval and setup of your accommodations.

We are currently scheduling Access Meetings as soon as March 18th.
(Updated February 26th)

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Disability Access Process

Please follow the Welcome Center’s steps to get started at Bellevue College before applying for DRC services. If you have questions, please contact our office at any time. We are excited to have you as part of our campus community!

Step 1: Submit an Access Form

The Access Form will ask you to describe the disability barriers you experience in a school or education setting. If you have not been in school or college recently, you can think about what you will experience or what you have experienced in work or volunteer settings. Your Access Specialist will also ask you more about this when you meet with them.

If you have difficulty with the MyDRC Access Form, please contact us.

We use self-report of a student’s disability as our main source of information to determine accommodations. If you have medical or educational information such as an IEP or 504 Plan from high school, veteran’s documentation, or a note from a counselor, doctor, or other qualified specialist, you are welcome to submit it to our office. Medical or Educational information is not required for scheduling an appointment. We may ask for additional disability information as needed.  

Step 2: Schedule and Attend an Access Meeting

This meeting is typically one hour long. It will be a conversation with you and an Access Specialist regarding your disability information, and barriers you encounter in an academic setting to determine your accommodations.

To maintain confidentiality, we will need to contact you via your Bellevue College Email. Please be sure to check it after submitting the Access Form.

Access Meetings are being held online. These may happen over the phone or via Teams or Zoom.

We are currently scheduling Access Meetings as soon as March 18th.
(Updated February 26th)

You may invite anyone to join your Access Meeting after completing a Student Release of Information Form. We recommend filling this out two business days before your meeting. If you are unable to do so, your Access Specialist will discuss the form with you at the beginning of your appointment. (You can also Withdraw your Release of Information at any time.)

Congrats, you’re officially registered with the DRC!

Don’t forget to:

  • Meet with an Academic Advisor who will work with you to determine an educational plan for your time at BC. More information is available on the Academic Advising website. If you are enrolling in a Professional/technical program, plan to meet with the faculty advisor from that program.
  • Register for Classes and request accommodations in MyDRC every quarter. Once you request, our office and your faculty can start coordinating and plan for your accommodations. Students can request accommodations in MyDRC 24-48 hours after they register for classes.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Academic Success Center (ASC) and make a plan to go to tutoring! The ASC hosts virtual and in-person tutoring, both group and individual.

Student Responsibilities

Accommodations require shared responsibility among students, faculty, the DRC and the institution. Student responsibilities include:

  • Self-identifying as having a disability and completing the DRC registration process
  • Making reasonable and timely requests for accommodations, as well as confirming the arrangements for accommodations
  • Notifying the DRC of any concerns they may have regarding equitable access
  • Following the institutional appeal process
  • Costs associated with obtaining medical information (if applicable)

Last Updated February 6, 2024