MyDRC User Guide

MyDRC Tutorials

Students and Instructors!  Need some help familiarizing yourself with the new MyDRC system?  Look no further!  As sections of our new system are put into use the DRC will be providing written step-by-step instructions of how to use the program.  Currently, we have the following tutorials available:

  • For Students:  NEW! Modifying and Canceling an Exam Request; How to Log-in; Completing the Initial Access Form; UPDATED!⇒ Requesting Accommodations;  Submitting an Exam Request; Short Form – Steps to Submit an Exam Request in MyDRC; Rescheduling an Exam Request (Coming soon!);
  • For Faculty:  Completing the MyDRC Test Proctoring Form; UPDATED!⇒ Uploading an Exam or Adding Test Instructions to MyDRC; NEW!⇒ Quick Reference – Steps to Upload an Exam and/or Add Test Instructions to MyDRC

Student Tutorials

NEW!  Modifying and Canceling Exam Requests in MyDRC

Sometimes, things change.  Sometimes school is canceled, sometimes tests get moved, and – if you’re lucky – sometimes they get canceled altogether!  This helpful new tutorial from MyDRC walks you through how to Modify or Cancel existing Exam Requests, as well as points out some of the issues that can arise during each of the processes.

How to Log-in to MyDRC

Whether it’s your first time or you just need a refresher, here’s how you log-in to MyDRC!

Initial Access Form

The MyDRC Initial Access Form is the form students new to the DRC should fill out in order to enroll with the department and schedule their first conversation with an access coordinator or specialist.

UPDATED!  Requesting Accommodations

At the beginning of every quarter, students registered with the DRC and taking classes at BC should request accommodations as soon as possible after registering for classes so that the DRC can begin the processes involved in providing those accommodations.  While usually requested at the beginning of each quarter, accommodations can be requested at any time during the quarter – however they only go into effect once requested and cannot be applied retroactively.  The tutorials below go over the process for requesting accommodations through MyDRC in-depth.

Submitting an Exam Request

The Alternative Testing Module of MyDRC is back up and running for students to use!  For those students whose instructors have chosen to complete the Online test Proctoring Form, you can schedule all of your tests online!  And it automatically notifies your instructor too!  Check out the tutorials below to find out how!

Additionally here’s a brief, one-page step-by-step “How To” for submitting an exam request designed for students who have already gone through the process and may not need all of the details, but could use a couple of reminders about how it works:

If your instructor has chosen to stick with using the Green Test Proctor Request forms for now, then please continue using those or have a conversation with your instructor about filling out the MyDRC Test Proctoring Form so you can use MyDRC.  We’re working towards using only MyDRC for testing by Spring 2017!

Rescheduling an Exam Request (Coming soon!)

Faculty Tutorials

Completing the MyDRC Test Proctoring Form

In the Winter of 2017, the DRC started using a new database, MyDRC, with the purpose to centralize and streamline many of the DRC processes, increase information sharing with both students and faculty, and make it simpler for faculty to provide accommodations.  We are now unveiling the Alternative Testing Module of MyDRC which will automate many of the processes around alternative testing accommodations that were previously done manually by students, faculty, and the DRC.  The first part of that process is for faculty to complete the Alternative Testing – Test Proctoring Form which can replace the Green Proctor Request Forms used previously; instead of filling out a proctor form for every student and every test, one online form will be submitted at the beginning of the quarter PER CLASS and duplicated for all students in that class!

UPDATED!  Uploading an Exam or Adding Instructions to MyDRC

Another feature of the Alternative Testing Module in MyDRC is the ability for instructors to upload exams from an email notification or reminder directly to MyDRC where it is attached to their student’s exam request.  Just like the MyDRC Test Proctoring Form, instructors only need to upload an exam for one student and MyDRC can duplicate it for all DRC students in the same class.  Another neat feature is that you can actually upload 5 different files using the same link – so if the test has multiple components or needs to be broken down in order to meet the file size limits you can reuse the same link to upload additional files.

A recently added component of this feature is the ability to add one-time instructions to an existing MyDRC Test Proctoring Form – whether it be changing the amount of time allowed for a test, the materials allowed for a test, or anything!  Using the same link to upload an exam will allow instructors to add instructions to a student’s test!  See the tutorial below for more details.

NOTICE: File size limits have been increased to 3MB!

NEW!  Additionally, here’s a brief, one-page quick-reference sheet for uploading exams or adding test instructions to MyDRC.  It should be noted that tests can be copied to everyone in the same class and the same link can be used for multiple tests uploads (up to 5).  Exam instructions are both one time events, however – once they are submitted they are applied only to the student whose link you followed and using the same link will only allow you to view the changes you made, not  make additional changes.  Please contact the DRC with any questions.

Last Updated July 27, 2017