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About Scholarships

The BC Foundation Scholarship is a scholarship program funded by individuals, foundations, Bellevue College departments, or businesses to provide college scholarships to incoming and current BC students who will be enrolling at BC. The BC Foundation Scholarship can be customized around a general set of requirements requested by the donor. Scholarships awarded will generally range from $1,000 to $3,000 each. Students may apply each year that they plan to enroll at BC.

All BC Foundation Scholarships are to be used at BC only and can be applied to tuition, fees, and, in some cases, books purchased from the BC Campus Bookstore. Applications for scholarships are only available from January through March. Scholarships provide funding for the upcoming year – Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Scholarship funds are not available for Summer quarters.

For individuals looking to support Bellevue College scholarships, you can make a donation! Please visit the BC Foundation Donation page to do so.


Last Updated May 16, 2022