Climate Justice Faculty Learning Community

Picture of a glacier melting

The Climate Justice Faculty Learning Community (FLC) will be fully online this Fall. It involves three synchronous two-hour workshop-style sessions in Fall quarter during which participants hone their knowledge of climate justice issues and learn about ways to bring this issue into one of their courses and involve students in civic engagement around this issue. With significant support, participants emerge from the FLC with one lesson created and ready to go for one of their courses that addresses a climate justice issue and involves students in civic engagement. Civic engagement does not necessitate a full-service learning experience if your class does not allow for this and, instead, can involve activities such as: reading about societal issues or talking with others about them; displaying buttons, stickers, or signs; organizing or protesting; participating in city council meetings; writing a letter to the editor; and many other possibilities. Participants are not required to have pre-existing specialization or knowledge of climate justice or civic engagement. Session one begins with an introduction to climate justice, followed by a group discussion of an assigned reading, podcast, and/or video. Session two is a brainstorming session with an interdisciplinary group of faculty, to further help participants develop ideas to apply in their own courses. The last session is informal presentation of lessons, during which participants gain insight into how other disciplines can integrate climate justice and civic engagement, and also receive feedback on their own lesson. Lessons can be implemented as early as summer quarter or sometime during the regular school year (Fall 2021, Winter 2022, or Spring 2022). Each faculty person in the FLC observes one other faculty person’s lesson sometime during the 2021 – 2022 academic year, and there are optional check-in meetings offered in Winter and Spring quarter. The facilitator has over 10 years of experience with infusing sustainability topics into traditional courses, so all participants will be well-supported.


20 PD Hours – 20 seats

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$500 stipend (Thanks to Kristen Jones for supporting the Climate Justice in the Curriculum effort at Bellevue College)

For questions about the Climate Justice Program, please contact Sonya Doucette, Climate Justice Lead. 


Last Updated November 6, 2021