Healthcare Informatics, Bachelor of Applied Science

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The Healthcare Informatics BAS degree is ideal for student considering their first bachelor’s degree or for those students in retraining programs who are coming from other industries. Students in this program will explore the unique environment of healthcare, its language, laws and systems, how it coincides with IT systems infrastructure, analysis, implementation and outcomes. Emphasis is on current issues in healthcare, healthcare delivery systems, patient privacy, data security and mining, clinical vocabularies, healthcare IT project management, technical standards, business intelligence and decision support. Instructors are experienced informatics professionals ensuring that coursework is current and relevant to this rapidly evolving field.

Program Features

  • HCI coursework is completed 100% online
  • Career-oriented
  • Available for both part-time and full-time enrollment

Degree Info & Requirements

The HCI BAS program requirements have been updated for students starting the degree in fall 2021. We no longer require completed prerequisite courses to apply for the program; all general education and distribution requirements for the degree will be completed during the program. Additionally, we no longer accept personal statements as part of the application. All application requirements are listed on the How to Apply page linked below.

How to Apply

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Bellevue College’s Healthcare Informatics (HCI) program is a selective admissions program admitting new students once a year in Fall quarter. The application opens March 15th with a priority deadline of June 1st.