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Society of Healthcare Informaticists: Networking and Education

S.H.I.N.E. — An HCI Club

Networking and building community are vital skills in healthcare and informatics. As a BC HCI student, there is an opportunity now for you to participate in and co-create a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) that will focus on students in the Healthcare Informatics program. One of the first activities of SHINE will be to manage a team of HCI students to participate in the HIMSS Student Case Competition that launches next January.

What is an RSO at Bellevue College?

A Student Organization is student-led and student-driven. Students set the agenda for what the group will do, manage its events and activities, run their officer elections, and set their own goals. Becoming a Chartered Student Organization means that the org has access to support and College resources.

Why start or join a student organization?

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Getting involved on campus directly links to your academic success
  • Meet and connect with other students with similar interest
  • Funding opportunities for events and programs through Associated Student Government and the Services and Activities Fee budget process.
  • Campus-wide recognition events each spring
  • Use of campus facilities
  • Ability to conduct fundraisers using the college’s tax status with the approval of the Bellevue College Foundation
  • Compete locally, nationally, and globally in student competitions and challenges, i.e., HIMSS Student Challenge
  • Use of Bellevue College’s name in association with the RSO
  • Use of an email address for the group ending in
  • Free webpage on the official BC website
  • Access to social media training and expertise
  • Promotion of the student organizations’s events and activities through the Office of Student Programs
  • Scholarships — BC Foundation

The RSO will be a great place to plan, volunteer, and participate in networking and educational opportunities. Plus, have fun with your peers.

Last Updated December 29, 2022