Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take courses without being admitted to the program?

Yes, students who have not been admitted to the program can register for up to 10 credits of 300- level coursework on a space-available basis. Students who are applying to the program can start taking classes right away. Healthcare professionals who want to take an individual course can take HCI courses without application to the HCI program. Follow the steps to Apply for Admission to Bellevue College. Once you receive the acceptance email from the college, you can activate your ctcLink ID (student ID) and enroll in classes. Then enroll in an HCI course. If the course needs a permission number, contact the Program Chair, Eric Stewart for a course code.  

I do not live in Washington State. Can I still take these courses?

Out-of-State students can take advantage of the non-resident tuition offered to students participating in online degrees and certificates offered at Bellevue College. Under policy 2400 Tuition and Fee Waivers, the college has approved waiving the non-resident tuition differential for students only taking online classes.

What if I have relevant experience that I think is equivalent to some courses?

For certain courses, you may be able to earn non-traditional credit for prior learning or work experiences. Credit could be awarded through successful completion of a challenge exam, evaluation of certification/training or by approval of a submitted portfolio or other items that prove you have met course learning outcomes. Please refer to additional information on BC’s policies and procedures regarding non-traditional credit . You can also contact the HCI program manager to discuss available options.

Is there a required sequence of courses I should take?

No. New students are encouraged to take the onboarding and overview courses in the beginning and the experiential courses near the end of the program but the sequence of courses is flexible. Some courses require Excel proficiency or BATECH 165, most courses are ready for college level learners.

How long will it take me to finish?

The BAS program can be completed in two years and the certificate can be completed in one year. Some students choose to take fewer courses and extend the time it takes to complete the program, typically due to work schedules. Our Program Manager will work on a personalized schedule that will fit your needs.

Is the program accredited?

Yes! Bellevue College is accredited as a baccalaureate degree-granting institution by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), a regional institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. NWCCU accreditation was most recently reaffirmed in 2019.

Where can I find out more about the program?

Join us at an upcoming information session or contact us to schedule an appointment.

Last Updated January 19, 2023