Job Board

Job Board

Bellevue College produces highly qualified graduates which work all over the United States. As one of only a few schools providing advanced-level imaging degrees nationwide, our students are better prepared with both advanced technology courses as well as healthcare management and leadership courses. Our graduates are of the highest caliber and excel in their careers. The Center for Career Connections provides resources for current students, graduates, and potential employers.

Students & Alumni

The Center for Career Connections provides resources to help you prepare for a job search, successfully complete an interview, and land your dream job! CONNECT is a free resource for Bellevue College students, alumni, and community members. On this website you will find announcements for internships and volunteer opportunities, as well as part-time, full-time, temporary and Work-Study jobs.


Engaging the Puget Sound business community is vital to the success of Bellevue College, as well as to the growth of the Northwest economy. Hiring new talent through Bellevue College can benefit organizations of all sizes. Our students and alumni can bring new life into a company in the form of fresh ideas and knowledge of the latest trends in technology. We look forward to helping you connect with qualified applicants from our program! Post your open position…..

Last Updated December 8, 2021