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Florida Cishesa's photo

My name is Florida Cishesa and I am from Bukavu, a city in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2015, my family moved to Lubumbashi and they enrolled me in a high school named Complexe Scolaire Bellevue, which has a partnership with Bellevue College. During my junior year, I received a scholarship to attend a 3-week-long summer program at Bellevue College on leadership and sustainability. In addition, I was selected to join the International High School Completion Program at Bellevue College. In August 2019, I started my journey at Bellevue College. I am currently pursuing my associate degree in Science Track II and I will graduate in Spring 2022.

As I am passionate about STEM, I have always dreamed about pursuing my studies at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). On March 14, 2022, I was humbled to be admitted to the MIT class of 2026. I applied as a first-year student because I am in a high school program, but my college credits will be transferred. I like MIT not only because of the academic opportunities they offer to students but also because of their generous financial aid packages which meet 100% of the student’s financial needs. This is one of the most important reasons I chose to commit to MIT because of the incredible MIT scholarship they offered me.

I spent the majority of my studies at Bellevue College in an online setting, but it was an amazing experience that prepared me for my next academic journey. While in the remote setting at Bellevue College, I got the chance to join the Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa and to become the Vice President of Fellowship of the BC chapter, Alpha Epsilon Rho. We organize volunteering activities like recycling plastic bags by crocheting them into bedrolls that will be distributed to the homeless. I also got the chance to connect with my professors and work on several projects together. They wrote me strong recommendation letters that contributed to my admission into MIT. During my application process, I used several resources that BC provides to students, such as the Academic Success Center, where I received help with the grammatical aspect of my personal statement. I also received assistance from my mentor, my advisor, and my professors. At Bellevue College I met wonderful people, from students to staff, who taught me not to set limits to my capabilities, to embrace challenges, and to learn from failure.

Duc-Vu Dang's photo

Meet DANG Duc Vu, an international student at Bellevue College. He is originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. He started his study at Bellevue College to earn his associate degree in Transfer Network Services/Computer Systems. His passion of technology made him to decide to keep studying at Bellevue College to pursue bachelor’s (BAS) in Information System and Technology. He described is experience at BC as absolute blast, and he had tons of fun learning. The professors are helpful and knowledgeable. Resources are plentiful and there were no problems in finding answers, either from the professors or on your own. Working in the college provide opportunity to expand the knowledge and/or reinforce what you learned. Projects are fun and interesting, and there are many cool new things to learn. BC is a great place for those pursuing Technology degrees.  

Last Updated October 12, 2022