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Shabrina, Indonesia
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Maria, Russia
Yating, China
Marvin, Indonesia
Susie, South Korea
Hao, China
Grazzi, Brazil
Daniel, Vietnam

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“Aside from academic success, I am thankful for the many opportunities Bellevue College has given me to acquire many leadership experiences. Thanks to my second family at Bellevue College, I am now able to continue my education in one of the most prestigious institutions.”

-Anh, Vietnam

Anh is the first international student in Bellevue College’s history to be chosen as a commencement speaker. She is now attending Foster School of Business at the University of Washington with concentration in Finance & Marketing.


“I love Bellevue College because: I’ve met and I have become friends with students from around the world.”

-Hyrim, Korea


“I love Bellevue College because: Of the welcoming staff and instructors. They have enriched my knowledge and my life.”

 -Julianna, Colombia


“I love Bellevue College because: …it is a very safe, clean and peaceful studying environment….. I believe I can easily transfer to many high quality universities after Bellevue College.”

-Son, Vietnam


“I love Bellevue College because: The school provides many opportunities for students to become leaders. “

-Kristianto, Indonesia


“I love Bellevue College because: Of small class size, I get more attention from instructors, and it motivates me to work harder.”

-Grace, China


“I love Bellevue College because: It’s perfect for me due to its safe environment, small classes and more student teacher interaction.”

-Bandar, Saudi Arabia


“I love Bellevue College because: The online classes are great for self learners like me and the instructors are well prepared.”

-Stef,  Brazil


“I love Bellevue College because: It helps me to achieve my personal and academic goals , and I especially like the small class setting where I am pushed to speak more English.”

-Egemen, Turkey

Last Updated April 5, 2021