Nursing Skills Lab

The Nursing Skills Lab is a learning lab just for nursing students. You will spend time in the lab each quarter, building your skill set and testing your knowledge.

Virtual tour of Nursing lab space

During the skills lab portion, you will review assessment skills and nursing procedures with a combination of online resources, videos and hands on demonstrations. Students will use a variety of skills trainers, such as mid-IV arms, wound care mannequins and central line demonstrators. Our Mid-fidelity mannequins are equipped with lung, heart and bowel sounds, and the ability to verbalize responses and demonstrate variations in vital signs.

The skills training lab is an 8 bed, mock-up hospital space with a nurses’ station, fully equipped crash cart, medication cart, EKG machine and other clinical equipment. Take a virtual tour of the space.


students practicing on a manikin in a gurney

The simulation room is home to SimMan, our computerized, interactive, high fidelity simulation mannequin who talks, breathes, and responds like a patient. Students are able to evaluate and develop interventions for SimMan based on the signs and symptoms presented. Using pre-programmed scenarios or “on the fly” programming, SimMan provides students with learning opportunities in a variety of realistic patient care situations in a safe learning environment. The simulation room is equipped with a video and audio system that allows students in the adjoining classroom to observe their classmates during simulation scenarios.

Last Updated February 10, 2022