International Students in Nursing

We are excited to have students from around the world participate in our nursing programs! International students have some additional requirements and differences in applying to Bellevue College that must be fulfilled while preparing to apply to our programs.

New/Transferring International Applicants (F-1 Visas)

If you are not already a Bellevue College Student, you will need to apply to Bellevue College with International Education (IE) before applying to any of the Nursing Programs. Upon applying, you will have regular meetings with your International Advisor, who will help you with the necessary requirements as you progress through our Nursing Programs.

Bellevue College International Students (F-1 Visas)

Applying to the Nursing Programs is separate from applying to Bellevue College. We recommend keeping track of the program requirements and following our recommended timelines for application.

Neither the ADN Program nor the RN-BSN program require a Social Security Number (SSN) to apply. However, you may wish to contact your International Advisor about applying for one.

Internationally Educated Nurses

If you are a nurse who was educated outside of the United States and wish to become licensed in the USA, you don’t necessarily have to retake your entire training. Nurses educated outside of the United States who are in need of further nursing education prior to taking the licensure exam (NCLEX-RN) can take the needed course work here at Bellevue College, on a space available basis.

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Last Updated July 7, 2022