ADN Requirements

ADN Prerequisites


The Nursing AAS-T Degree has 11 prerequisites courses that must be completed before starting in the program. They can be taken at Bellevue College or another accredited institution as long as they are determined to be equivalent by BC Evaluations. These courses build the foundation of knowledge that a nursing student must know.

ADN Admissions Tests

Admissions Tests

Applicants to the ADN program must take two tests within one year of applying: the TEAS and Writeplacer. Tests can be taken at Bellevue College, another institution, or online. These two tests assess students for academic preparedness and writing ability, both essential skills for nursing students.

ADN Nursing Assistant Requirements


The first step in any nursing journey is to become a nursing assistant. All applicants must have completed NAC training and/or certification. These programs train prospective nurses in the necessary basic skills for nursing care.

ADN Clinical Passport

Clinical Participation Requirements

Applicants to the ADN Program must be prepared to participate in clinical courses. This includes getting the appropriate vaccinations as outlined in the Clinical Passport, training in BLS/CPR and AIDS/HIV, and a background check.

Online Assessments

Online Assessments

All qualified applicants to the Bellevue College ADN Program are REQUIRED to complete an online assessment Altus Suite to assist with improving the programs future application process.  This assessment will not be used for determining entry in to our winter 2022 cohort.

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Last Updated August 31, 2021