ADN Admission Requirements

Transcripts & General Education Course Requirement

All prerequisites:

  • must be complete at the time of application
  • must have a minimum of 2.0 in each course
  • must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0

Submit official college/university transcripts to the Bellevue College Evaluations Office.

  • Evaluations/Graduation Office
    Bellevue College
    3000 Landerholm Circle SE
    BellevueWA 98007-6406

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

The TEAS test must be taken within the valid test period. A minimum of 74% is required.

Writeplacer Test

The WritePlacer test must be taken within the valid test period. A minimum score of 4 is required.

ADN Application Required Documents

To ensure your health and safety and the the clients in healthcare agencies that provide clinical learning experiences, the following documentation is required.

  • Unofficial Transcripts—you must upload your unofficial transcripts for all relevant coursework and baccalaureate degrees to your application on NursingCAS (including those from Bellevue College). Applications missing any transcripts will not be evaluated, and applicants will be eliminated from consideration.
  • TEAS score report
  • Writeplacer Test score report
  • BLS Provider (must be from the American Heart Association)

The BLS card must be issued by a person or facility qualified specifically to instruct BLS Provider courses (American Heart Association) that includes infant, child and adult content. Other types of CPR certification will not be accepted. Bellevue College offers a BLS Provider course.

  • Clinical Passport (2019 – 2020) completed on the Submitted Once (left) side from Tuberculin Status through AHA BLS Course. Be sure to have the immunization records with you in case we audit your application; you will also need those records handy if you’re admitted to the program. This form is typically updated annually, so be sure to use the current form linked here. 

Note: Missing documents or lack of compliance with any of these requirements will prevent you from being considered for the program.

Documents and Records Required After Acceptance into the Program

Once you have been accepted into the Nursing Program, you must submit the following documents by the specific due date indicated by the program.
Proof of Selective Service System RegistrationAll male students between 18 and 25 years of age must show proof of selective service registration. For information visit
AIDS/HIV Training CertificateA copy of AIDS/HIV 7 hour course Certificate of Completion.
Nursing Assistant CertificationBefore starting the program (i.e. First day of the class), you must obtain a Certificate of Completion (NAC) from a two-year community or technical college. If you attended a non-community/technical college program, you must obtain a Washington State NAC license.
* CNA Program is offered at Bellevue College.
Learn more about the program and application process.
Background Check ReportStudents must request a background check report.


Last Updated July 15, 2019