RNR Clinical Onboarding

CNE Clinical Onboarding

These prerequisites for clinical placement are based on requirements established by Washington State law, college regulations, and individual agency regulations.  The college and the program reserve the right to amend or add requirements as needed.

National Background Check

All students complete the National background check to review records for history of child/adult abuse conviction. This check is required for all clinical practice sites. The background check is processed through CastleBranch and must be completed by the first day of the program. The fee for this check is included in the program fee.

Immunization Requirements

All students must have a completed Clinical Passport PDF on file and provide Clinical Onboarding Student/Instructor PDF prior to any clinical practice. You must have documentation of current immunizations or a positive titer.
Please Note: Two immunization requirements may take additional time to complete:

  1. Tuberculin Status requires an initial 2-step skin test AND a repeated 2-step skin test for confirmation administered within one to three weeks.  
  2. Hepatitis B is comprised of a series of three vaccines completed at appropriate time intervals AND post vaccination titer at six to eight weeks after series completion. This process can take upwards of six months to accomplish. If you have not yet begun the series, please complete at least the first two vaccines OR a positive titer by the first day of the program.

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Last Updated July 20, 2022