RNR License Requirements

RN License

To participate in clinical practice, nurses must have an active Washington State Registered Nurse License or a Washington State Limited Education License (LEL). The LEL is granted by the State to a registered nurse with a lapsed or expired license. It allows the nurse to practice as an RN for the activities of a refresher program, but is not legal for employment. The LEL is granted for a period of 180 days. Apply to the Nursing Commission for the LEL 4-6 weeks before the start of the program so that it does not expire before the end of the program. Please call the Nursing Commission at (360) 236-4700 for any questions about your license.

RN’s with Suspended License

RN’s who have a suspended license (this section not applicable to RN’s with an inactive or active license) will not be admitted into the program, unless they have found a suitable clinical and preceptorship site on their own, prior to the application deadline. Bellevue College is not responsible for finding a clinical/preceptorship site for RN’s with a suspended license.

Clinical/Preceptorship sites must:

  • Be pre-approved by the RN Refresher Director and/or Associate Dean of Nursing
  • Be verifiable as a viable clinical/preceptorship site for RN Refresher student
  • Fully cooperate with the Bellevue College RN Refresher Program Clinical Coordinator(s) and Instructor(s)
  • Please include Contact Name and Information to Bellevue College RN Refresher Program

All paperwork regarding this process must be completed, signed, and approved prior to the application deadline, so it is highly recommended that the RN start this process immediately.

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Last Updated May 3, 2021