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Our Staff and Faculty

If you are a current or prospective nursing student with the Associate Degree program, please direct all questions to “Associate Nursing Degree”

Dr Lisa Tedeschi Acting Dean of Nursing Picture

Dr Lisa Tedeschi Acting Dean of Nursing

CNE Program Chair

Minnat Hamada Picture

Minnat Hamada

ADN Program Chair

Muntaha Alibrahim Picture

Muntaha Alibrahim

Assistant Professor

Tina Amaro-Stegge Picture

Tina Amaro-Stegge

Nursing Sim Lab Technician

April Ambalina Picture

April Ambalina

Assistant Professor, NAC & RN-BSN Program Chair

Marilu Bumgardner Picture

Marilu Bumgardner

Assistant Professor

Dianne Caraway Picture

Dianne Caraway

Tenured Senior Associate Professor

Jennifer Celms Picture

Jennifer Celms

Assistant Professor

Teaessa Chism Picture

Teaessa Chism

Tenured Senior Associate Professor

Amanda Evans Picture

Amanda Evans

Nursing Clinical Coordinator

Shadi Kanan Picture

Shadi Kanan

Assistant Professor

Marina Orobinskaia Picture

Marina Orobinskaia

NAC Coordinator

Bree Stalhut Picture

Bree Stalhut

Associate Degree Nursing & Continuing Nursing Education Program Manager

Lamont Thomas Picture

Lamont Thomas

Nursing Assistant Certified & RN-BSN Program Manager

Last Updated April 11, 2023