Online Excellence Teaching Academy

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Welcome to the Online Excellence Teaching Academy (OETA). The OETA is an initiative established by Bellevue College President Gary Locke in 2022. This initiative supports faculty who teach online through professional development offered as a series of required courses.

These courses are to be completed to teach credit-bearing courses with Bellevue College.

New Faculty hired who will be teaching online, will need to complete:

  • Phase One – Complete within one (1) quarter of their start date.
  • Phase Two – Complete within one (1) year of their start date.

For Faculty who teach a hybrid class or an on-ground class we recommend that they complete OETA Phase 1. Stipends are available.

The OETA Training Phases

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Phase One totals 14 hours and covers the basic skills and information for effectively teaching a course online. Phase One includes the following courses:

  • OETA-1: Canvas Procedures and Guidelines
  • OETA-2: Canvas 101 Teaching with Excellence
  • OETA-3: Essential Components of a Quality Online Course

View the course descriptions.

Phase Two totals 20 hours and includes training in areas such as tech skills, effective pedagogy, copyright and accessibility. The courses in Phase Two include:

  • OETA-4: Tech Skills for Online Teaching
  • OETA-5: High 5 in the Online Classroom
  • OETA-6: Copyright and OER Information for Educators
  • OETA-7: Accessibility Review and Meeting with an Instructional Designer

View the course descriptions.

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