eLearning at Your Paw Tips

Welcome to eLearning Paw Tips

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eLearning Paw Tips is an ongoing series of just-in-time tutorials for online teaching. The current focus is on tools which are available to all BC faculty at a low cost, or for free at your finger tips.

Episode 1: Cropping images within the Canvas LMS

Time: 03:54

Episode 2: Cropping images in PowerPoint

Time: 04:06

Episode 3: Using Apple Photos to crop images

Time: 03:00

Episode 4: Cropping images with Microsoft Paint 3D

Time: 04:05

Training by Request

eLearning will provide individual training for faculty, or for your program and division upon request. Topic ideas: Accessibility in PDF, Canvas basics, captions & transcripts – a UDL approach, Cidi Labs and Canvas Hacks, introduction to Panopto, posting and editing videos, Respondus LockDown Browser, Microsoft Office 365 for teaching, UDL – design for all, and Zoom & OWL workshops. For more information create a Request Center ticket.

Last Updated January 14, 2023