The Edge of Ed

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The Edge of Ed is a podcast based out of Bellevue College exploring the edges of education and eLearning.

Episode Archive

Episode 5: The XR Lab Team | January 24, 2022 David Wikstrom and Leslie Citrisky join us today to talk about the XR Lab, XR technology, and ongoing activities. We discus how XR was used for student capstone projects in 2021 and what we enjoy best about the Lab.

Episode 4: Presenting Diversity in an Engaging Format | December 14, 2021
Raji Sundar teaches biology classes at Bellevue College she discusses using interactive engagement tools for teaching about diversity and bioethics. Raji is developing the material as part of the curriculum for her second Masters Degree.

Episode 3: Hybrid Classes During Covid | November 29, 2021
Archana Alwar from the Bellevue College Faculty Commons, and Bruce Wolcott discuss multiple strategies for delivering hybrid courses and hyflex courses at the college during the COVID shutdowns, and as we return to campus.

Episode 2: Why Video Lectures? | November 8, 2021
In this episode Bruce Wolcott, Betsy Zahrt Geib, and Ron Austin discuss the use of lectures. Even though some research indicates lectures are not the most effective way to teach, it continues to be the most popular way. We ask why this is.

Episode 1: Introduction | October 26, 2021
Bruce Wolcott and Ron Austin introduce themselves and discuss potential topics for the show: eLearning tools and interviews with outstanding people.

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