Collimator Club

Welcome to the Collimator Club, where passion meets purpose in support of the Radiologic Technology Program! We are a dynamic and enthusiastic group dedicated to making a meaningful and memorable impact on the journey of the hardworking students of the Radiologic Technology Program at Bellevue College – a highly selective, competitive, and rigorous 23 month program.

At the Collimator Club, our mission is to foster a vibrant and supportive community within the radiologic technology program. We are deeply committed to recognizing the invaluable contributions of our second-year students, who pave the way for success and set the bar high for excellence. Through planning and executing their Pinning Ceremony, we express our heartfelt appreciation for their dedication and hard work, ensuring they feel acknowledged and celebrated at the end of their rigorous journey!

Equally important to us is the warm welcome extended to our first-year students. We believe in creating a family-like atmosphere where everyone feels valued and embraced from the start. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate new members into the Radiologic Technology family, offering a sense of belonging and support as they embark on their educational journey. Together, we strive to enrich the experiences of all our students, building connections that last a lifetime. Join us in this exciting venture as we celebrate the past and embrace the future of radiologic technology with open arms!

Last Updated January 17, 2024